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What is Google Camera

Google Camera or often called Gcam is a camera application made by Google which was first released in 2014. Gcam itself is quite popular as a camera software with an okay hdr + mode and a smooth and detailed portrait mode. Although this Google Camera apk can be downloaded for free on the internet, not all Android versions can do it.

Thanks to its development from year to year, the Gcam application can finally become one of the main software on Google's smartphones, namely the Google Pixel Series which released its Pixel 4 version in October 2019. Meanwhile, Gcam itself is currently in its production version 7.0 with various features that are no less interesting than other camera applications.

Features of Google Camera apk

In supporting its quality, this camera application made by Google is equipped with several features that can pamper you with the sensation of photography via a beautiful android. Here are some of the features in the Google Camera apk and their functions:

Night Sight

This Night Sight feature has basically been used in other Google default applications, such as the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The function of this feature is able to make the camera capture more details at night even without the help of a flash. Even based on the comparison of photos using this feature, the resulting image quality is said to be able to beat the image quality on some types of iPhone. This is because the machine learning technology embedded by Google in this application can calculate colors based on the visual content captured by the camera.


The Photobooth feature on the Google Camera apk is a feature that functions to automatically capture images when scanning the moments when the user smiles, sticks out his tongue, squints his eyes, and several other activities that are often displayed when posing in the photobooth. The working process of this Gcam feature will continuously take pictures at every right moment automatically.

Super Res Zoom

The Super Res Zoom feature is the result of machine learning optimization applied to this application which functions to capture extra detail when zooming by utilizing hand vibration.

Group Selfies

The Gcam application takes advantage of the wide-lens sensor in this feature to capture an 184% wider angle of view than other camera applications. This feature is suitable for those of you who like to take group selfies or wefies.

Portrait Mode

The Portrait Mode feature on the Gcam functions to adjust the bokeh level in the background or on objects that need to be in focus. In addition, this feature also embeds 2 beauty modes, namely Natural and Soft.

In addition to these five main features, the latest version of the Google Camera apk has also launched various other new features. Some of them are Dark Mode in the Settings view, Measure mode to measure object dimensions via AR, flash mode for selfie cameras, transitions between camera modes, to the "Cheetah" feature or time-lapse mode which is currently in the preparation stage.

GCAM Download

The Google Camera Online application is the best solution for those of you who like photography or are professionals. Without having to buy a Google Pixel cellphone, Google Camera can already be installed on your Android, gang.

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